Trick or Treat Smash

Trick or Treat Smash 2.0

A fun arcade style matching game suitable for most ages and abilities
2.0.24 (See all)
Electrotank, Inc.

Match your candies to fill your candy meter up to progress through the three game modes of the Trick or Treat Smash arcade style matching game. With just a click of your mouse, you can swap candy places to match 3 similar candies in a row to clear your board of candies. The more candies you clear from your board, the more score points you get, and the game keeps track of your personal high scores. Performing the Match Combo ( 2 or more candy matches at a time) will bring you bonus points. There are three gripping modes. The Normal mode challenges you up to 30 levels, the Skull Challenge mode is similar to Normal mode but Skull Candies cannot be matched or swapped, and can only be eliminated with Supermoves. The third game mode is the Time Trials, where you should eliminate as much candies as you can, as fast as you can, using match moves and supermoves, for a 1 to 15-minutes Time Trial. The Supermoves can be gained by collecting Supermove Spheres. The Supermoves Spheres are Spiders, Black Cats, Ghosts, Slimes, Bats and Poison Clouds. The game has bright graphics, atmospheric music and sound effects.

R. Fernandez
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  • Very reasonably priced


  • Short 10-minutes trial
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